Announcement: Co-financing Opportunity for Demonstration Projects!

The Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines (FCC) project will implement a Business Demonstration Case (DEMO projects) that will exhibit low-carbon refrigeration technologies to improve cold chain operations resulting in decreased carbon footprint, operation costs, and avoidance of food loss. The DEMO projects follow the principles of efficiency, safety, replicability, impact and readiness.

The FCC Project is seeking proposals from food cold chain operators and end users that will benefit a subsidy for availing efficient and sustainable cold chain technologies exhibited in the CCI-Hub. The selection of DEMO projects’ technologies and the grant amount are subject to the screening criteria. The following is an indicative list of technologies to be installed in real life applications in the period ending June 2023:

  • CO2 TC refrigeration system / condensing unit for cold storage / food processing (industrial refrigeration)
  • CO2 TC refrigeration system (remote type, condensing unit & showcase) for food retail shop / other small footprint facility
  • R290 water loop refrigeration system (plug-in showcase & outdoor dry cooler) for food retail shop / other small footprint facility
  • Refrigerated truck with R290 cooling unit & monitoring system for last mile delivery
  • R290 plug-in showcases for food retail shop / food service
  • Preassembled plug-in R290 walk-in cooler (suitable for post-harvest facilities, restaurants, hotels,..)
  • CO2 TC refrigerated container (reefer) for post-harvest facility in remote area
  • Solar powered chest freezer (206L) for off-grid applications (min 5-10 units) per application
  • Efficiency improving measures for Ammonia refrigeration
  • Efficiency improving measures in food cold chain (various)

Are you interested in this co-financing opportunity? Follow these steps:

  1. Assess your organization’s cooling needs
  2. Find a matching technology from the list above
  3. Assess your organization’s readiness to implement the project by June 2023 
  4. Book a Zoom call with the CCI-Hub not later than January 23, 2023 (email:

The selection of the beneficiaries will follow the minimum criteria listed below:

Be Part of the Discussion – Reserve Your Seat!

The details about the co-financing opportunity and the featured technology will be discussed by domestic and international experts during the CCI-Hub – The Future of the Industry Conference on January 24, 2023 at TESDA, Taguig City. For those who want to attend this event, kindly register through this link.

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