Camp Backpackers Reaps Many Benefits of Sustainable Cooling

Camp Backpackers is a military-themed accommodation provider and restaurant located in a small village in San Vicente, Palawan. While famous for its beaches and tourism attractions, Palawan is faced with power outage problems due to lack of sources and inefficient distribution. This is reflected by the power situation in Port Barton wherein tourism’s potential to help the local economy is hindered by limited and intermittent electricity supply. 

Camp Backpackers is one among hundreds of thousands of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines that have the potential to unlock economic opportunities from using renewable energy and energy efficient technologies that could empower them to upgrade their operations and improve their services. Thus, the FCC Project provided an 80% subsidy for the installation of eight (8) solar-powered chest-type freezers to develop a business case for using low-carbon and energy efficient refrigeration using propane (R600a) for an MSME. 

Within two (2) months after installation, Camp Backpackers was able to generate 30% energy savings which translates to PhP 6,000/month or Php 72,000 a year. Aside from the electricity savings, the additional electricity from solar have opened up business opportunities for the enterprise to sell frozen products to other nearby tourism establishments, which provided another income stream the business. The installations also help build its image as a sustainable tourism service provider which prove to be attractive for customers.

In the following video, Engr. Russel Terbio, owner of Camp Backpackers, walks us through the solar chest-type freezers installations and how it was able to boost his business operations.

WATCH: Camp Backpackers Solar Chest-type Freezers in San Vicente, Palawan