TESDA Honors FCC Project on Partners Appreciation Day

December 15, 2022, Taguig City – The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) honored the Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines project during its Partners Appreciation Day at the TESDA Central Office.

TESDA has recognized FCC project for its commitment and support by establishing the CCI-Hub as one of the state-of-the-art facilities inside the TESDA Complex that serves as a learning venue for efficient and low-carbon refrigeration for the cold chain industry. CCI-Hub also serves as the project’s central ecosystem of technical resources, training, knowledge sharing and stakeholder collaboration.

After the awarding, TESDA shared their plans in pursuing Area-based and Demand-driven (ABDD) Technical-Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for the upcoming year. The Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines project, through the CCI-Hub, will continue to support TESDA in their plans and programs related to enhancing and upgrading skills of the refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) workforce. This is part of UNIDO’s commitment to foster green, resilient and innovation-led industries in the country.

Danfoss to hold Exclusive CCI-Hub Training on Natural Refrigerants this January

We are thrilled to announce that Danfoss will hold an exclusive training on natural refrigerants this coming January 19, 2023 for the CCI-Hub community.

Join us as we explore CO2, propane and new generation of ammonia systems for the cold chain presented by leading international experts in the refrigeration industry.

This online training is open for end-users, engineers, technicians and other industry stakeholders.

Do not miss this opportunity! Click “link” after each session overview to register. 
Session 1. Danfoss Solutions within CO₂ refrigeration 15:00-16:00 PST/08:00-09:00 CET, January 19th  
This webinar, facilitated by Danfoss experts, Mark Sever and Anja Sofie Meiner Jensen, will feature smart solutions within CO₂ refrigeration across all climates with proven records of high system efficiency and lowest possible GWP.

Click link to register.
 Session 2. Natural refrigerants. Focus on Propane 16:00-17:00 PST/09:00-10:00 CET, January 19th 
This webinar, facilitated by industry known Torben Funder-Kristensen, will feature latest developments in natural refrigerants, legislation and focus on R290. 

Click link to register. 
 Session 3. New generation of Ammonia systems. 17:30-18:15 PST/10:30-11:15, January 19th  

This webinar, facilitated by Danfoss expert, Carsten Dahlgaard, will feature latest developments in ammonia refrigeration systems.

Click link to register.
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High-level Technical Sessions on CO2 and R290 held at CCI-Hub

December 6-7, 2022, Taguig City – CCI-Hub’s technology training sessions that delved into CO2 and R290 cold chain refrigeration technologies was successfully held, as part of its initiative to conduct high-level training for engineers, technicians and end users. 

On its first day, technical presentations from international experts Inderpal Saund of SCM Ref Australia, and Sergiy Kolinchuk of Danfoss gave a deep dive into concepts and applications of CO2 cold chain refrigeration technologies. In the afternoon, Emilio La’o and Jaypee Cabañas of Cold Front Technologies discussed their R290 installation in the Hub, while CCI-Hub’s Jan Dusek gave a tour of the facility to discuss the technological showcase from each contributor. 

The second day focused on project updates and international trends, as CCI-Hub’s Jan Dusek shared the latest cold chain systems and technologies using natural refrigerants featured at the Chillventa 2022 last October. In the afternoon, the discussions focused on national policies that will have an impact on the cold chain industry, such as the minimum energy performance standards and the Kigali Phasedown schedule.

From the technical sessions, Mr. Saund highlighted that natural refrigerants are a viable and long-term solution. “These technologies will take over the industry, it’s only a matter of ‘when?’.  We could wait for 20 years or take advantage of the technology now”, he noted.

A lively discussion followed each presentation with participants inquiring about system processes, components, maintenance, and experiences on installation and operation of systems using CO2.

“It was great to see how the industry in the Philippines is starting to shift towards sustainable refrigeration solutions. From the two-day sessions, it appeared that the audience was hungry for knowledge. Although lots of further efforts are required to make people comfortable with adopting this amazing technology, I believe that the introduction to the Transcritical CO2 systems was well accepted”, said Mr. Kolinchuk.

“Training of the industry has been one of the key elements of the whole Cold Chain project. We are glad to welcome some of the world’s top experts on the subject of CO2 refrigeration at the CCI-Hub. This consistent effort has already led to the elevated interest in CO2 and deeper knowledge about the latest sustainable and efficient technologies and practices. We have an exciting program for January to continue this journey”, added Mr. Dusek.
A series of technical training sessions are already lined up in the coming month, with international experts from big names in the refrigeration industry. Registration details will be announced next week.

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Announcement: CO2 and R290 Technology Training Sessions

We are excited to announce that CCI-Hub will hold a hybrid CO2 and R290 Technology Training Sessions this coming December 6 to 7, 2022 for end-users, trainers, technicians and industry stakeholders. The on-site training will be conducted at the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Central Office, E Service Rd, Taguig City, Metro Manila and it may be viewed online via the TESDA Green Technology Center Facebook page.

CO2 and R290 Technology Training Sessions

6 December 2022

  • CO2 Transcritical (10 AM – 12 NN)
    • Danfoss solutions for CO₂ refrigeration in warm climates – Danfoss
    • CO2 for Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration – SCM REF Australia
  • R290 Waterloop (1:30-2:30 PM)
    • Introduction of the system and live operation – Cold Front Technologies Asia
  • CCI-Hub Technology Tour and Q & A (2:30-3:30 PM)

About the International Experts

Sergiy Kolinchuk, Senior Technical Sales Engineer – Danfoss

Mr. Kolinchuk has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, has over 20 years’ experience in the refrigeration industry and is currently working as an applications engineer at Danfoss (Australia) Pty Ltd. He has held numerous technical and sales positions at Danfoss across Europe and Australia, specialising in innovative energy-saving solutions for the supermarket and cold store industries.

Inderpal Saund, Business Development Manager APAC & Sales Manager – SCM REF Australia

Mr. Saund is an international expert on CO2 transcritical based in Australia. His experience in the industry spans for more than 20 years. He held key positions at Danfoss including the most recent APA Food Retail Business Development Manager before transitioning as Business Development Manager APAC & Sales Manager of SCM REF Australia. He also holds advance degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business.

7 December 2022

  • Project updates & Call for End Users, Market Trends Q&A (10 AM – 12 NN) – CCI-Hub team
  • Creating an Enabling Environment for Energy Efficient and Sustainable Cold Chain in the Philippines forum (1-3 PM) – CCI-Hub and representatives from key government agencies
    • National Cold Chain Industry Roadmap/incentives for sustainable solutions for cold chain technologies
    • Energy efficiency policies
    • HFC phasedown schedule
    • Standards and policies relevant for the cold chain 

To ensure the quality of the sessions, we have limited the on-site capacity for the participants. For those who are interested to join on-site, please send an email to Mr. Manuel Azucena via mpajegus@yahoo.com not later than December 1. For those who would like to view the Facebook Livestream, you may do so via the TESDA and CCI-Hub Facebook pages.

Thanks and see you!

TESDA conducts Workshop to develop Curriculum on Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

November 21-25, 2022, Marikina City – The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) through the “Cold Chain Innovation Hub conducted a training and write shop to develop the Competency-Based Learning Module (CBLM) on the Safe Operation and Maintenance of Ammonia-based Industrial Refrigeration Systems at the TESDA National Capital Region office. 

The workshop resulted to the first Competency-Based Curriculum/Module of Instruction on Ammonia-based Refrigeration System Servicing. It was participated by key experts and TESDA trainers from various regions. 

TESDA is an implementing partner of the Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines project which seeks to identify, develop and stimulate the development of low-carbon, energy efficient refrigeration innovation technologies and business practices in the Philippines for use throughout the food cold chain whilst increasing food safety and security. Ammonia is highly recommended as a refrigerant for industrial refrigeration due to its zero ozone-depleting substance (ODS) and Global Warming Potential (GWP). Most cold storage warehouses in the country run on ammonia yet a certification course for technicians has yet to be implemented. This exercise is a step towards that direction. 

“The developed Competency-Based Learning Materials for Ammonia-Based Refrigeration System when it is validated by the industry sector, promulgated and deployed to training institution to be used in the conduct of training will be a great help to individuals who wish to be in the field of Refrigeration to enhance their knowledge, skills. They will become competent and able to perform to the highest level of mastery, develop  precision/ accuracy in their job and perform as per industry standards  and later on will improve their employment status”, said Engr. Arturo Ganalon from TESDA Regional Training Center I.

The learning materials and modules developed from this exercise will be used by TESDA to roll out certification courses for technicians in the coming months.