CCI-Hub Launches Video Series, Expands Online Resources

The Cold Chain Innovation Hub (CCI-Hub) is launching a new regular video series aimed at providing the CCI-Hub community with the project’s latest updates and activities.

“We’ve launched this video series to communicate more directly with our community in this time of limited movement and travel restrictions,” said Jan Dusek, Head of Global Partnership for the cold chain project.

“We hope that these videos will be an informative and engaging way to help continue building awareness for the project and a sustainable food cold chain in the Philippines. We also see this as being the first step in laying the groundwork for hosting a substantial online library of resources for the community.”

In addition to providing project updates, the video series aims to educate and inform viewers on topics related to technology, policy and sustainability around the food cold chain.

The videos are being hosted on the Cold Chain Innovation Hub’s official Youtube channel. The first two videos launched in the series are below:

Video Series Launch:

Global Call for Industry Contributions:

Additional content planned for the video series includes:

  • Expert interviews
  • Webinars
  • Video explainers
  • Case study coverage
  • News and more

Online Learning

The video series is just one part of the ongoing development of the “Knowledge” section of the CCI-Hub website. Online resources have become an increasing area of focus since the advent of the virus pandemic and its mid and long-term impacts to all facets of the project.

“In addition to the video series, we are also developing our plans to build out an online e-learning platform, as well as other ways for community members to connect, interact, engage and learn remotely,” said Dusek.

This is being done in collaboration with the Philippines’ Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the official host and project partner for the CCI-Hub.

“We are excited and looking forward to working together with the global industry on this important project for the Philippines, especially at this crucial time of need for more nationwide skills, training and infrastructure development,” said Edward Dela Rosa, Chief TESDA Specialist.