CCI Hub set to Unveil its Technology Showcase on Sep. 6-8

The Cold Chain Innovation Hub (CCI-Hub) at TESDA in Taguig City features the best-in-class systems and components for sustainable cold chain applications from around the globe. This Technology Showcase housed at the CCI-Hub is a first of its kind in the country, ready to make Philippines a pioneer in sustainable cold chain development in the region.

Here’s a look at the Technology Showcase:

Hydrocarbon refrigerants have no ozone depleting substances (ODS) and global warming potential (GWP) less than 1. They are formed using very basic elements – hydrogen and carbon – and have been used in refrigeration during its nascent stage. Common hydrocarbons used in refrigeration are propane (R-290), isobutane (R-600a) and butane (R-600) and are widely used in commercial refrigeration. Hydrocarbon technologies found at CCI-Hub include the Plug n’ Cool R290 refrigeration machine by Embraco – Nidec. This unit is used for reach-in applications in food retail. It is an energy efficient refrigeration equipment which reduces energy consumption by more than 30%. It follows a modular concept, which simplifies the installation and accelerates the process by 70%.

Another is the R600a Solar Driven Chest Freezer by Vestfrost Solutions, an energy efficient unit designed for off-grid use. The unit is equipped with 200 watts 12-24 DC volts compressor designed to pull down the cabinet temperature to -15 C. This type of technology is suitable for preserving produce in areas that lack electricity. 

The Hydrocarbon Freezer and Chiller Display Cases for Commercial Food Retail from Epta use R290, which is a suitable and high efficiency solution for plug-in refrigeration cabinets.

Refrigeration unit for light commercial vehicle from PBX GmBH uses R290 refrigerant. The unit is currently being assembled to an insulated body of a refrigerated truck and will be for the first time previewed during the Technology Training Week on 8th September. 

CCI-Hub has already received also first CO2 refrigeration systems. CO2 (R744) is a climate-friendly refrigerant with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1. It is non-flammable and non-toxic, and it has good heat transfer properties. Transcritical (TC) CO2 technology  has been widely introduced in air-to-water heat pumps as well as in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sectors. CO2 TC retail solutions presently available at the CCI-Hub include a CO2 supermarket showcase by Hussmann, two outdoor condensing units by Panasonic and a CO2 evaporator by Guntner. First two CO2 TC systems are planned to be commissioned at the CCI-Hub in the following weeks.

Besides the CO2 evaporator Guntner has also contributed a pump station which is an essential part of the R290 waterloop refrigeration system that is expected to be commissioned at the CCI-Hub by October 2022.

Finally, CCI-Hub also houses the NaturaLine, a 20ft ISO standard reefer container which is the world’s first natural refrigerant (R744) unit for container refrigeration, by Carrier Transicold, as well as various tools and equipment from Magic Aire.

These units will be showcased during the CCI-Hub Technology Training Week, its first ever hybrid activity, on September 6-8, 2022. The three-day event will present various themes related to cold chain innovation technologies subdivided into morning and afternoon sessions. Both on-site and online sessions are designed to provide users, trainers, technicians, policy makers and investors with an immersive and engaging environment to interact, discover, learn, and share how these new technologies can make the Philippine cold chain industry more sustainable and globally competitive.

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