Cold Chain Innovation Hub Launches Official Website

The Cold Chain Innovation Hub (CCI-Hub) has announced the launch of its official website,

The website will serve as the project’s main online resource and currently includes details on the project’s background, goals, news updates and a list of official partners as well as details on how to get involved. Future sections of the website will include an events detail page and a knowledge section which will include official resources on technical data, case studies, best practices, etc.

The CCI-Hub is one of the main components of the “Global Partnership for improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines” project, implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines (DENR).

It serves as the project’s main platform providing an ecosystem of technical resources, training, knowledge sharing and stakeholder collaboration. The main objective of the CCI-Hub is to increase adoption of best practice refrigeration and related services as well as communication throughout the food cold chain and to ensure a long-term impact of the project.

Over the coming months, the CCI-Hub platform will continue to be releasing exclusive information about upcoming events, opportunities and developments related to this project through a newsletter.

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