Philippine Board of Investments highlights CCI-Hub at Supra-regional Roadshow

Sustainable and climate-friendly cold chain technologies showcased at the CCI-Hub were highlighted during the Board of Investments’ “Supra-regional Cold Chain Industry Roadshow” held in key cities from October to November. 

CCI-Hub Coordinator Mr. Manny Azucena presented the best-in-class cold chain technologies for commercial, industrial and transport refrigeration at the CCI-Hub. These technologies use natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R 744), propane (R 290) and isobutane (R 600a). Natural refrigerants have no ozone-depleting substances and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). In light of the global phasedown of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), natural refrigerants are the “refrigerants of the future”. 

The Supra-regional Roadshow – held in Cebu, Davao and Clark – aimed to increase local cold chain storage and warehousing capacity by providing relevant information on trends, latest policy developments and opportunities for prospective investors. The series of events were participated by key government officials, cold storage owners/representatives, transport refrigeration/logistics companies, technicians and decision makers.

“We had a very positive response from the industry leaders and cold storage warehouse owners and who were present during the event. They are very interested about energy efficient and sustainable technologies, and some have even signified their direction to use natural refrigerants in their business expansion. We appreciate BOI’s leadership in steering the industry towards these new innovations, proof that the country is headed in the right direction for the years ahead, as we expand our cold chain capacity”, Mr. Azucena said.