PSC Approves Demo Project Proposals

The Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain the Philippines (FCC) Project Steering Committee (PSC) have approved demonstration projects to be awarded in the coming months. Here’s a peak at the approved proposals.

Igloo Supply Chain Solutions from Pasig City will receive a subsidy for a Nihon Netsugen Systems CO2 industrial refrigeration system which offers several advantages over traditional refrigeration systems namely: energy efficiency; non-toxicity; non-flammability; versatility; cost effectiveness and environment friendliness. This application represents the first use of CO2 trans critical refrigeration system in blast freezing for industrial refrigeration setting in the country. 

Icebox Logistics Services, Inc. was approved to demonstrate Naturaline, Carrier’s first natural refrigerant based solution developed for marine container shipping, as an environmentally sustainable alternative for refrigerated marine transport.  Transport refrigeration has been identified as high priority sector of food cold chain. NaturaLine reefer technology is using CO2 refrigerant with improved efficiency and sustainability. Icebox’ network spans in key cities such Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, General Santos, Cotabato, and Zamboanga which has high potential for scaling up the introduction of this technology in the country.

InsightSCS Corporation will soon be using two (2) units of PBX R290 Refrigerated Light Truck to deliver produce of smallholder farmers to retailers and institutional buyers in Metro Manila. Transport refrigeration using R290 provides opportunities for fuel efficiency. As a service provider for “last mile” players of the supply chain, InsightSCS’ delivery of refrigerated goods can significantly contribute to prevention of food loss. R290 cooling module is developed as high efficient, low pressure, low maintenance system and adapted to future electrification of transport fleet. While the R290 system comes from Europe, the refrigerated container is made in the in Philippines which supports the local industry. 

The Local Government Unit (LGU)- Municipality of Carles, Iloilo will be able to add R290 solar chest type freezers in the fishing community cold chain facility at Gigantes Island Gigantes Island in Ilo-ilo. As a geographically disadvantaged area that lacks a stable supply of electricity, this off-grid refrigeration application will create more income for the local fisherfolk community that is highly vulnerable to extreme weather events caused by climate change. Refrigeration will preserve their day’s catch which enables them to fetch a better price for their products and increase their income. The same technology will be used in Camp Backpackers in Palawan. As a major tourism destination, Palawan offers many opportunities for local economic development, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This application provides a case study for empowering local tourism MSMEs in ‘greening’ and adopting sustainable technologies.