CCI Hub Presented at 2022 World Cold Chain Symposium 2022

The Global Partnership for Improving the Food Cold Chain in the Philippines (FCC) project participated in the 2022 World Cold Chain Symposium (WCCS), a side event of the Open-ended Working Group of Parties Meeting of the Montreal Protocol organized by Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC) and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP). Held July 10, 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, the theme of this year’s WCCS is “Pursuing the Food Cold Chain Action Agenda: Emergence of Finance Mechanisms”.

Mr. Jan Dusek, FCC Project’s Head of Global Partnerships, joined the event as a panelist introducing this Manila based initiative to enable sustainable food cold chain and similar initiative taking place currently in Africa, India and Vietnam. He presented the goals and latest developments taking place under the FCC project including the establishment of the Cold Chain Innovation (CCI) Hub which exemplifies the role of private-public partnerships on innovation for a climate-friendly and energy efficient cold chain development. His presentation focused on the importance of capacity building and industry collaborations to create opportunities for promoting natural refrigerants as the best cooling alternative.

The event also tackled the Joint UNEP OzonAction/GFCCC database and modelling program, the work of the UNEP Cool Coalition under the Cold Chain Working Group, the Rome Declaration on the Contribution of the Montreal Protocol to Food Loss Reduction through Sustainable Cold Chain Development, and efforts to promote public and private sector finance mechanisms.WGP